(April ’22) For anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area:

I’ll be playing a solo music set at the Cincinnati Hikes "Trail Fest" celebration, June 5th, 2022. Trail Fest goes from 12pm-8pm at Oak Ridge Lodge @ Mt. Airy Forest —I'll be playing from 12 - 1:30. Come and listen if you can!!

(March ’22) My ARTWORK FOR SALE is now live on this website!

Here’s the link: http://www.farrellworlds.com/art-for-sale.html — feel free to share it widely!

(Jan. ’22) New Short Story Sale Acceptance

I’ve had my short story accepted for publication in the original anthology BRAVE NEW WORLDS, edited by S.C. Butler and Joshua B. Palmatier, to be published by Zombies Need Brains, LLC in August of ’22. You can still support the kickstarter by going HERE and receive the books when they’re sent out.

(Jan. ’22) MARCH 15 is the next big day on the Wild Cards calendar.

Tor will be releasing two more books that day: DEUCES DOWN in trade paperback & THREE KINGS in hardcover — the first American edition. DEUCES DOWN I’ve talked about before; it contains my favorite WILD CARDS story I’ve written, “Promises”. THREE KINGS has a noteworthy cover, stating that the book is edited by Melinda Snodgrass and and is “set in the Wildcards world of George RR Martin…”


For those of you who nominate, here's what I published in 2021 that's eligible:

Novel: AMID THE CROWD OF STARS by Stephen Leigh, DAW BOOKS, published Feb. 9, 2021 (edited by Sheila Gilbert)

Short story: "Deep Heart Inside" by Stephen Leigh, in the original anthology WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, edited by S.C. Butler and Joshua B. Palmatier, published by Zombies Need Brains, LLC July, 2021

If you read and enjoyed either or both of those two works, I'd LOVE it if you'd give them a nomination!

Other categories where I'd suggest a nomination that isn't me:

Editor, Long Form: SHEILA GILBERT of DAW BOOKS, who has edited all my novels since the turn of the century, and who is a fantastic editor

Editor, Short Form:

JOSHUA B. PALMATIER -- Joshua founded Zombies Need Brains, LLC, generally produces three excellent short story anthologies a year, paying professional rates, and is nearly single-handedly keeping the original short fiction theme anthology market alive -- which is much appreciated by those of use who enjoy writing short fiction. In 2021, Joshua and ZNB put out three more anthologies: WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (co-edited with S.C. Butler), DERELICT (co-edited with David B. Coe), and THE MODERN DEITY'S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HUMANITY (co-edited with Patricia Bray)

S.C. BUTLER, who has co-edited more than one of Joshua's anthologies in which my work has appeared, the most recent being WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE.

Someone who probably doesn't need introduction... GEORGE RR MARTIN, who has won several Hugos and Nebulas for his fiction, but whose excellent work as an editor goes largely unheralded. So… for his work in creating and editing the long-running WILD CARDS series (since the mid-80s!), which is still going strong, and in which my fiction has appeared multiple times (and will hopefully continue to do so!) I believe George deserves a nomination in this category.


BOUND TO A SINGLE SUN, my current novel-in-progress under contract to DAW Books, is still in the midst of being drafted. Like AMID THE CROWD OF STARS, I see BOUND as a standalone novel; it’s not a sequel nor the start of a series. I’ll endeavor to update this periodically to keep up with the current progress of the novel.

UPDATE: Jan 15, 2022: Sheila sent me an email askiing for cover image recommendations, so I gave her three. So things are chugging along (though I still don’t know the anticipated release date…)


I’ve just signed the contract for a new piece of short fiction entitled “The Deep Heart Inside,” which will be appearing in the original short story anthology WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, edited by Joshua Palmatier and S. C. Butler. If you contributed to the Kickstarter then your copy will be sent to you when it’s published (date still TBD).

UPDATE: The anthology (as well as the other two anthologies in the Kickstarter were released as of July 9, 2021


I just received a copy of the audiobook version of AMID THE CROWD OF STARS yesterday (April 25th) — so I assume it’s now shipping for those who would like a copy. Available from Dreamscape Media at B&N and Amazon.

NEW SHORT STORY (March 2021)

I’ve a new story (“One Had A Lovely Face”) out in the original short story anthology MY BATTERY IS LOW AND IT IS GETTING DARK, edited by Joshua Palmatier and Crystal Sarakas. You can order the trade paperback here.


DEUCES DOWN (previously available only in a terrifically hard-to-find used edition) is now available in hardcover, paperback, or ebook format from Tor Books at your favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore or online seller. This revised edition features entirely brand-new stories from Carrie Vaughn, Mary Anne Mohanraj, and Caroline Spector, and also includes one of my absolute favorite short stories I’ve written for the WILD CARDS series, “Promises.”