Steve's Music

I've been playing music since the late 1960's (damn, I'm OLD!) in various groups in and around the Greater Cincinnati area. I play guitar and bass, and I've usually been one of the lead singers (we won't talk about the time I actually fronted a group, doing only singing). I currently play in two groups:



Equipment? A Roscoe 5-string electric bass (shown above), usually played through an Acoustic Portaflex amp -- that's what I play in Toast. On the guitar end of things, a Seagull Artist Studio guitar (which is an instrument I pick up and play nearly every day, and which I use with the duo and on solo gigs). I also have a Seagull Performer which is in my office so I can grab it at need when I want to figure out a tune, and (down in the basement practice space) a 1964 Guild Starfire V electric, which I bought new when I was 12 (well, my parents bought it for me...), and which I still play, but only occasionally. It very badly needs new strings at the moment...

I (very) occasionally put together an original song. Below are a couple of examples. These were created in Garageband -- I did all the bass, guitars, keyboards, and vocals; everthing except the drums, which are loops with occasional 'hits' from keyboard percussion. These are NOT polished recordings! The vocals on Quid Pro Quo and Your Touch were recorded straight through the computer's built-in mic; they're somewhat overdriven and muddy as a result -- but hey, the idea is to get a 'draft' of the song down, right?

Quid Pro Quo / Your Touch / You've Gone

This last one's entirely instrumental and slow and l-o-o-n-g -- which means it may be an excessively long download, too -- and perhaps boring unless you like kinda New Agey material... I'm playing all the parts, mostly on keyboard this time, with occasional guitar

'Nise's Theme