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Musician (fairly often).

I've been playing music since the late 1960's (damn, I'm OLD!) in various groups in and around the Greater Cincinnati area. I play guitar and bass, and I've usually been one of the lead singers (we won't talk about the time I actually fronted a wedding band as the singer). I currently play bass and sing in this group: TOAST . I also play the occasional solo acoustic gig–just me, a mic, a six-string acoustic in standard tuning (my Eastman E10D), a six-string acoustic in DADGAD tuning (my Eastman E20D), a 12-string (my Guild GAD F212, tuned down a step in D-standard), a pedal board with a few effects, a Meinl BassBoX for percussion support on some songs, and a Bose sound system.

My gear (for you gearheads out there):

Acoustic Guitars: 2018 Eastman E10D (Adirondack Spruce over Mahogany), 2019 Eastman E8D (Sitka Spruce over Rosewood); 2020 Eastman E20D (Adi Spruce over Rosewood), 2021 Eastman E6D-TC Ltd (Alpine spruce top over Mahogany), all with K&K Pure Mini pickups installed—can you tell that I'm an Eastman fan?; 2011 Guild GAD F212 122-string (Sitka Spruce over Mahogany -- currently up for sale!)

Electric guitar: 1964 Guild Starfire V semi-hollow electric

Bass: 2000 Roscoe 5-string LG3005 bass (fretless)

Amps & PA: Bose L1 1S system with B1 bass module; Mackie PROFX8 8-Channel Mixer; Ampeg Portaflex 4x10 cabinet with Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 head and with additional Ampeg Portaflex 2x10 cabinet if needed; Sennheiser e835 vocal mic, AKG P420 large diaphragm condenser mic, a Meinl Percussion BassBoX

Pedalboard (used mostly for solo/duo acoustic guitar gigs): DigiTech JamMan Solo XT looper; Digitech 3-function foot switch for looper; TC-Helicon Harmony Singer; TC-Electronics Sub'N'Up pedal; Caverns Reverb & Delay; Donner Chorus; Wampler Tumnus Overdrive pedal; Donner Autowah, Boss Acoustic Pre-Amp AD-2; Voodoo Labs ISO 5 Power Supply.

I occasionally put together an original song. One of my 'projects' is to put together some of my original songs (as well as some of the cover tunes I do) in a decent enough format that I could cobble together a 'set' to give to coffee house/bar owners where I'd like to play or even sell on a gig. To that end, I picked up Logic Pro X for Macintosh, and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface to connect to my laptop, and I've asked my son Devon to add some professional drum tracks. Still working on this...

However, during the pandemic, I did a series of "one take and absolutely no fixing of mistakes afterward" YouTube videos of me singing and playing some of the songs I tend to do on solo gig. Those 'mistakes and all' videos are here, if you can stand to watch them! More polished recordings to come as I record them!

Here's the link to my playlist for solo gigs, if you're interested.

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