A brief biography of Steve...

Stephen Leigh, who has also written under the name S.L. Farrell (and a few times as Lee Stevens in fanzines, and once as Matthew Farrell), is a Cincinnati-based author who has published thirty-one novels and nearly sixty pieces of short fiction. Stephen’s work has been nominated for and won awards within the genre. Steve is married to his best friend Denise; they have two children. His interests include music (he plays in a local folk band and also as a solo artist), the martial art aikido (in which he is ranked yondan, though knee issues have limited his practice of late), fine art (he has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art), history, culture, anthropology, sociology, and finding spare bits of free time. He doesn’t have much success at that last one. He taught Creative Writing at Northern Kentucky University for over 20 years (he also has an MA in Creative Writing, though he's now retired from teaching), and has been a frequent speaker to writers' groups.

He maintains his web site here at stephenleigh.com as well as at farrellworlds.com (hint: those two websites are both this website, so it seems silly to have a link to them here). He can also be found on other social sites (see the favicons at the bottom of this page).

His current novel is BOUND TO A SINGLE (by Stephen Leigh), released from DAW Books in 2022. Other recent novels have included A CROWD OF STARS (2020 from DAW Books), A RISING MOON (2018 from DAW Books), A FADING SUN (2017 from DAW Books), THE CROW OF CONNEMARA (2015 from DAW Books), and IMMORTAL MUSE (2014 from DAW Books). He is also a long-time contributor to the WILD CARDS series, edited by George RR Martin.

Publisher’s Weekly has called him “... one of the strongest voices in fantasy” and Booklist said of his Cloudmages Trilogy (written under the pseudonym S.L Farrell) that it was “Good enough to cast in gold.” His work has been nominated for and won awards in the science fiction and fantasy genre.