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Yes, yes, "S.L. Farrell" is a pseudonym. It came about because an editor insisted, when Steve wanted to write some epic fantasy, that he had to use a pseudonym since she felt that the audience for science fiction (which is mostly what Steve had written to that point) was not the same as the audience for high fantasy. As it turned out, that editor isn't the one who ended up buying those first fantasy books (luckily, it was Sheila Gilbert at DAW Books), but Steve stuck with the pseudonym anyway.

The first sequence of S.L. Farrell books was the Cloudmages Trilogy: HOLDER OF LIGHTNING, MAGE OF CLOUDS, and HEIR OF STONE. The Cloudmages books are both Celtic Fantasy and a generational series set in a mythical Ireland.

For those who are curious, "Farrell" is a family from the Irish side of Steve's family. There are still Farrell relatives living in Ireland, mostly in Roscommon County.

More recently, he has completed the Nessantico Cycle: A MAGIC OF TWILIGHT, A MAGIC OF NIGHTFALL, and A MAGIC OF DAWN. Like the Cloudmages series, this trilogy spans generations, and examines a world where science and magic are in conflict, and politics and the characters are caught in a web of politics, intrigue, and war.

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S.L. Farrell