A RISING MOON will be released in November, 2018. It is the sequel to A FADING SUN and the protagonist of the novel is Orla Paorach, the daughter of Voada, the protagonist of A FADING SUN. Here's the catalog copy:

“Orla! Hurry, girl! You must come with me!”
Orla Paorach’s life was overturned for the first time when her mother Voada was beaten senseless, and Orla was taken by Bakir, a minor Mundoan army officer, as his second wife. Now her world is shattered a second time: Bakir has died in battle, and so has her mother, now known as the Mad Draoi of the Cateni. Orla flees northward to Onglse, the island home of the draoi that is the center of the Cateni rebellion against the Mundoa. She becomes quickly embroiled in battle as well as deceptions from both sides of the conflict, as everyone expects that she’s come take up her mother’s mantle. Those who knew her mother offer their help, but can she trust any of them? Can she avoid becoming the Mad Draoi herself, lost in the magic her mother once tried to wield?
An intense, fast-paced novel, A RISING MOON explores trust, courage, and the deep seduction of power.

The fantastic cover is again by the talented Cliff Nielsen.

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