Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance

This website contains information regarding my novels and short story publications, and as such, is intended to support the marketing of said fiction. I want you to buy and read my books as this is largely how I make a living -- and I think you’ll enjoy them. I hope so, anyway! And if you do, please tell other readers -- word of mouth is still the best marketing tool.

To that end, the pages regarding my books and stories do have links to online stores where you can purchase my fiction. I have no control over what those sites may or may not do if you use their services -- so please be sure to read their privacy policies if you’re concerned about that.

This site also contains essays and articles about writing and being a writer—those are free, and you’re welcome to read them. There’s also a page regarding my musical endeavors, as well as a personal blog that’s imported from LiveJournal -- if you make a comment there, it will also show up on the blog on this site. Here’s LiveJournal’s privacy policy, so you’re aware what they might do with your information.

And If you don’t like what I say on the blog, then don’t read it—I make no apology for my personal opinions.

I do have a link on the home page to sign up for my newsletter, which runs through MailChimp. I require that you give me permission to use your email for the purpose of receiving the newsletter. If you don’t give me permission, well, you won’t get it. If you do sign up (and I hope you do), I won’t sell or give your email address to anyone else, though you should read Mailchimp’s privacy policy, as that’s where my newsletter list resides. I can’t control what third parties may or may not choose do with that information.

If you wish to be removed from the newsletter list, you may do so via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter (yes, it really does work!), or by emailing me with the subject header “Remove me from newsletter list.” Note that I’m not a corporation with a dedicated IT team. I’m just one person who’s juggling life and a few thousand other things, so it may take a bit of time before you’re off the list -- but considering that the newsletter is truly ‘irregular’, the chances are very high you’ll be off the list by the time I write and send out the next one.

Other than those who sign up for the newsletter, I do not intentionally collect any information from visitors to this site, though it’s possible that my hosting service might. Their privacy policy is here I don't store or retain information about the human beings who come to the site (unless you’re giving me explicit permission, as in signing up for the newsletter). I don’t leave your personal information lying around where random interlopers might read it, and I don’t use third party software to collect information about you.