I've updated the site because I was getting dreadfully tired of the old design, but being the lazy sort, I'm not going to go back and update every single last page on the site (since there are lots of pages here). So as you browse around, you'll hit some pages in the 'old' style. Sorry. Mea culpa.

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Welcome! Feel free to wander around and check out the site. There's a fair amount here: information about all the books I've published over the decades (both as Stephen Leigh and as S.L. Farrell); sample chapters; the blog (which generally gets updated every few days); lots of various essays on aspects of the writing process, some based my lectures as a teacher of Creative Writing; links to the bands I'm playing with; general contact and bio information; even some free stuff in the News section.

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A website for the fantasy and science fiction writer Stephen Leigh/ S.L. Farrell